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1999 Berkeley Class
1999 Berkeley Class
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The Revelation of Spirit
Laying the Ax at the Root, The Phenomenon of Spirit, To This End Was I Born, I Am Come Now, Putting Off the Mortal,There Is Only One Presence, The I of All Being, Communing As One, The Reality of True Identity, Forever One With God.


The Web of Illusion
Awareness and Stillness, God Consciousness, Stand Ye Still, The Dream State, The One Self, Giving Up the Ghost, Fact or Fiction, Before You Call, The New Horizon, Mental Suggestion, The Human Condition, Mystical Revelation, Time to Awaken, Silent, Secret and Sacred, The Illusion of Mortality, Asserting Dominion.


For Those Who Love Him
The Mystical Path, Seeds of Love and Joy, Conscious Awareness, Our Natural Element, Wellspring of Joy, Brothers in Christ, This Is My Beloved Son, No Need for Bridges, The Oneness of All Being, Dissolution of Division, Ye Are Life Eternal.


The Son of Man
Angels Unawares, It's All in a Day, Keeping Our Lamps Trimmed, In a Way Ye Know Not, A Readiness in the Now, Be Ye Transformed, Son of Man, I Am
With You Always, Accepting the Gift, Son of the Living God, The Reality of
True Identity.


The Need for Stillness
A Deep and Established Peace, What Grace It Is, In a Place of Peace, Peace in Thy Presence, When Nature Finds Its Peace, When I Am Still, God Is Being, From Barren to Blossom, To Every Season There Is a Time, He Maketh Me to Lie Down.


Given Ears to Hear
My Sheep Hear My Voice, The Commitment to Come, Never Seeking to Get,
The Onslaught of Principle, Given Eyes to See, The Grace of a Silent Moment,
The Mesmerism of This World, The Word of God, I Am Incorporeal Being,
The One Life.

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