2003 San Francisco Retreat
2003 San Francisco Retreat
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The Work of Dissolution
Putting Off the Mortal, The Call of Christ, The Inner Dimension, The Robe of Incorporeality, Our True Freedom, The Illusion of Mortality, A Place Beyond Mind, Before the World Was, The Universal One, Yield to the Light, Our Divine Inheritance, That Which Is, The Divine Harvest, A Self-Revealing Principle, The Way of Awakening, Limitless Freedom, The Chalk Mark of Time.


Fulfillment of Purpose
The Search, The Practice of Principle, Claims to Power, The Innocence of Non-Judgment, The Pursuit of Righteousness, An Invisible Dimension, The Law of Regeneration, The Beginning of Awakening, Divine Guidance, Our Freedom and Purpose, Transition in Consciousness.


Single-Minded Focus
A Time to Reap, The Wine of Union, The Deepening Stillness, The Trickster of the Mind, Horizons of Consciousness, The Call of Awakening, Asserting Dominion, Developing Discipline, The Soil of Conviction, The Work of Protection, The Healing Consciousness, Incorporeality Revealed, Movement in Stillness.


The Process of Divinity
The Childlike Mind, Selflessness and Humility, The Altar of Surrender, The Inner Sanctuary, A Purification Process, Thorns in the Flesh, Impersonalization, The Nobility of Service, Invitation to Dissolution, A Message of Light, The Divine Hand, The Final Call.


The Sword of Discernment
The Purity of Revelation, The Privilege and the Vision, An Invisible Agenda, The Shepherd's Call, Aspects of Conditioning, A Message of Love, Reverence for All Life, The Paradox of Being, A Journey in Time, The Healing Principle, Divine Intoxication, A Process of Resurrection.


Impersonalization Revealed
Total Dominion, A Spiritual Universe, The Shadow of Mortality, The Key to Awakening, A Revelation of Truth, The Evidence of Sense, No Externalized Illusion, Discipline and Restraint, The Virgin Consciousness, A Beacon of Light, The Living Silence, The Prodigal.


The Deepening Stillness
Prolonged Abnegation, A Place Beyond Mind, Unfolding Awareness, The Phenomenon of Man, The Path of Stillness, Universal Illusion, The Mask of Personality, The Courage to Live, Facing Our World, The Miracle of Being, Understanding Healing, Let There Be Light.

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The Anointing** (short recording)
The Culmination of the Journey, The Fulfillment of Purpose, The Next Step, Ceasing from Man, Total Stillness, The Final Veil, The Creative Force, The Silence of Soul, The Freedom of Stillness, A Christ Experience, A Place Beyond Mind.

** In the opening session of this class, we were told the work leads us towards the silence of being; in this final session, we arrived at that place . . .

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