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Healing the Heart CD

Healing the Heart
The Healing Influence, Incorporeal Being, Releasing Concepts, The Mortal Dream, Healer of the Breach, Aspects of Eternity, The Conceptual Universe, Holy Union, The Gift of Peace, An Ever-Present Reality, Dispelling Illusion, Truth Unveiled, The Call of Christ, Eternal in the Now.

2004 Tampa Class Disc 3 Side A
The Web of Illusion CD

The web of illusion
The Stillness of My Peace, The Freedom of Non-Judgment, The Oneness of All Life, The Living Presence, A World of Material Sense, Infinite Individual Being, Be Worthy, The High Calling, Go and Do Likewise, Righteous Judgment, Mystical Consciousness, The Hem of the Robe.

1999 Berkeley Class Disc 1 Side B
Un-See Me CD

Un-see me
The Human Scapegoat, The Blessing of Revelation, The Gift of Spirit, The Responsibility of Being, The Human Dream, A Jealous God, The Evidence of Sense, Universal Belief, Stay Awake and Pray, The Realm of Illusion, The Tomb of Mortality, A Greater Purpose, The Living Christ.

1999 London Class Disc 1 Side B
The Common Touch CD

The Common Touch
A Vestige of Humanity, Growing in Grace, The Leading of Christ, A Process of Reconciliation, The Path of Light, Nothing is Hid, The Touch of Love, The Pure in Heart, The Paradox of Being, Blessed Are the Meek, The Call of Christ, A Healing Influence, The Freedom of Grace, Lessons in Humility.

1999 Liverpool Class Disc 3 Side A
The Healing Dilemma CD

The healing dilemma
Fires of Conviction, Conversation in Heaven, Levels of Attainment, Consciousness Evolving, Forms of Healing, The Human Mechanism, Sowing the Seed of Spirit, Practicing the Principles, The Baggage of Sense, The Nature of God, Releasing Concepts, The Meaning of Healing.

1999 Sydney Class Disc 3 Side A
For Ye are Mine CD

for ye are mine
A Master Speaker, The Nature of God, The Truth of Individual Being, The Element of Spirit, The Opposites of This World, The Mustard Seed, The Resistance of Mind, Early Days, Beyond Words, The Revelation of Perfection, The Purity of Heart, The Goal of Christ, Spiritual Discernment.

2000 Los Angeles Class Disc 3 Side A
Students of Life CD

students of life
The Need for Meditation, The Nature of Prayer, The Concept of Healing, The Paradox of Being, The Illusion of Mortality, The Mystery of Godliness, Salvation of the Lord, Incorporeality and Omnipresence, The Nature of Error, The Living Word, The Material Dream, The Nature of Appearances.

2001 Stamford Class Disc 3 Side A
The Work of Dissolution CD

the work of dissolution
Putting Off the Mortal, The Call of Christ, The Inner Dimension, The Robe of Incorporeality, Our True Freedom, The Illusion of Mortality, A Place Beyond Mind, Yield to the Light, Our Divine Inheritance, That Which Is, The Divine Harvest, A Self-Revealing Principle, The Chalk Mark of Time.

2003 San Francisco Retreat Disc 1 Side A
Elections and World Affairs CD

elections & world affairs
Work re Elections, Inner Direction, Putting God First, Whom Thou Hast Chosen, Unconditioned Mind, The Greater Good, A Divine Solution, Nature of Prayer, An Invaluable Contribution, The Political Process, Pebbles of Principle, The Privilege and the Blessing, The Vision of Omnipresence.

2004 Marywood Retreat Disc 2 Side A
Follow Thou Me CD

follow thou me
Radical Revelation, Bringing Light to Bear, A Moment of Awakening, Dealing with Appearances, One Universal Claim, The Privilege of Being, Surrender and Trust, Impersonalization and Nothingization, Vision and Revelation, Determination and Conviction, The Awareness of Oneness.

2004 Marywood Retreat Disc 4 Side B
The Work of Revelation

the work of revelation
In Stillness Alone, The Perfection of Being, The Fullness of Life, The Prayer of Revelation, Material Sense, Dominion in Stillness, The Apparency of Duality, Surrender in Peace, Signs of Commitment, Meditation in Action, The Priority of Awareness, Teaching in Silence, Invitation for Dissolution.

2006 London Class Disc 1 Side A
Universal Principle

universal principle
An Avalanche of Revelation, Spiritual Baptism, Spontaneous Unfoldment, Unconditioned Mind, The Mesmerism of Sense, A Moment Divine, Given By Grace, Levels of Religion, The Light of Awakening, The Beginning of Wisdom, Universal Being, The Power of Dominion, Be Patient with Me.

2006 London Class Disc 1 Side B
The Work of Awakening CD

the work of awakening
The Silence of Soul, The Purpose of a Class, Spiritual Discernment, To Be Rather Than to Seem, A Process of Transformation, A Permanent Dispensation, The Vision of Omnipresence, The Ultimate Solution, Instruments of Resurrection, A Spiritual Underground, Prayer of Knowing.

2006 Raleigh Class Disc 2 Side A
Lessons of Awakening CD

lessons of awakening
A Tendency to Think, The Transference of Awareness, Inner Revelation, Thirst for Truth, A Commitment to Trust, Direction and Calling, Surrender and Discovery, Redressing the Balance, Mystical Consciousness, Individual Completeness, Freedom in the World, Fruits of Spirit, Silence of Being.

2007 Fort Lauderdale Class Disc 2 Side B
Knows Nothing but Love CD

knows nothing but love
The Stillness of My Peace, The Freedom of Non-Judgment, The Oneness of All Life, Our New Name, The Living Presence, A World of Material Sense, Infinite Individual Being, The High Calling, Go and Do Likewise, Righteous Judgment, Mystical Consciousness, Gift of Love, Hem of the Robe.

2007 San Rafael Retreat Disc 1 Side A
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