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THERE IS a deep and silent place, untapped by the human mind, approached through stillness, that brings into being the power of God in the affairs of men.


Even in silence, don’t think you are not being spoken to. Don’t think you are not drawing on and partaking of hidden manna and living waters, because we are not seeking in the desert of this world; we have heard a call, the call of Christ, to seek not for what cannot nourish and quench our thirst in this world, but to seek those living waters that I, Christ within you, give you now, that if you drink of these waters, you shall never thirst again.


It is in the drinking that we are quenched. It is in the eating of that spiritual substance, partaking of the embodiment of Christ, that we become fed of the Spirit.


But it surely is a deep and silent place. It has never not been within the heart and the soul of man. It has walked many paths with us, patiently waiting for us to turn, to learn to listen, to sip and to sup with Christ, that invisible Presence.

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A Deep and Silent Place

A Key to Stillness and Inner Awareness

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A Deep and Silent Place

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