The journey is but letting go,
Arriving at the One we know
We are, the One we've always been,
The One I AM, the never seen,
The Light.*

The sense of separation from the Beloved creates a longing in man's heart to return to the Father's house. As vision expands beyond comprehension, leading him towards his own awakening, he finds himself passing through those realms of light that lead to the inner Temple of his own Being. But like the wax bird arriving at the sun, his ultimate arrival reveals his absolute nothingness and the Allness of that which he set out to seek. Purified in the Cauldron of Being, henceforth he sees, knows, and becomes nothing but Light.

*From the poem, The Light, 1975, Tony Titshall.
To read the full poem, see p264, The Day of Awakening ebook/pdf; p275 The Day of Awakening hardcover.