Where duality no longer exists, only Oneness remains, the oneness with All Life. Permeating all being and all existence, that One Life in its infinity, appears as individual form and expression. Each is the fullness of that One Life.

Fear of form invites confrontation. Non-resistance to appearance establishes the Peace of Omnipresence, in which there is no division, no separation, and no conflict or opposition. Our well-being cannot be defined by others, whom we are neither dependent on, nor can we be denied by, once we know this truth.

This knowing must and will then dictate and determine the nature of our conduct and attitude towards the entirety of Creation, for in reality, it is respect for, awakening to, and recognition of the One Life, God, in infinite form and variety, made manifest and present in all.

For all the animal companions featured in this illustrated poem and with whom I shared my Florida home and garden, I feel such oneness, joy, love, and gratitude. More creatures than could be included in this illustration shared with me their day-to-day lives.

I saw them come, and I saw them go, some for their full life span, and others for the way nature would have it. Many ate out of my hand and privileged me with their trusting presence.

They were each, indeed,

"My Friend."