Self, Soul, is invisible, omnipresent. It is that which exists in all, as all. It is independent of form, transcendent of appearance. It is that which, given eyes, the natural man sees not. It is the infinity of God, constituting and made manifest as Individual Being, the true nature and identity of Man, once free of the masquerade of the "I," "me," "my," of personal sense. Learning the language of Spirit, one gains a passport to the Promised Land of My Kingdom, extricating man from the absurdity and masquerade of the circus called life.

Regarding the carnival-like beginning to the video, other than recognizing the "Circus" nature of "this world," there is a reason for the "bazaar" (or is it bizarre?) announcement element used in the recording. During a Class session in Raleigh, NC, 2007, called "Stay Awake and Be," there was a bazaar-like atmosphere in the Conference Center, loud and vibrant, announcing a raffle just outside our door. Throughout the entire session, a woman was crying out, "Get your tickets here . . . Two for a Dollar . . . Get your tickets here." Over and over she repeated her cry.

As we sat, silently waiting to begin, her incessant invitation was prominent, loud, and intrusive, but as we deepened our silence, focused our attention, and went within, gradually, the sound, which never ceased, was no longer heard.

It was a perfect example of principle in practice, meditation in motion, as, through total non-resistance and non-reaction, and simply resting in the Word and letting there be light, the voice of the "intruder of this world" was heard no more, and the Class continued effortlessly and uninterrupted by the external proclamations.

And so it was with the soundtrack used in "No Longer Me" — the "town crier" of this world is no longer heard, fades into the background, and My Peace reigns over all the earth.