A Perfect Introduction
to Spiritual Life
We (dropcap)

to live the spiritual life,
and a life of prayer, each and
every day must be established on
the firm foundation of the

principle of Oneness: One Power,
One Presence, One Activity, God.
Preparation for the Day reminds us

that through the silent prayer of

mystical consciousness and
meditation, we come to know God
as the basis of our life. This knowing,
through the daily practice of
moment-to-moment awareness,
brings us to the realization

that we live by Grace.

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We must bring ourselves to the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, when God’s peace reigns over all the earth, for within the depths of our own withinness, approached and attained only through stillness, exists the kingdom of God.




Whatever time of the day it might seem to be, whatever hour of the night in which you might awaken, never be asleep when you are awake. Use every God-given moment to revel in and glorify the spirit of God in you.




Without resistance, even without action, we come to a place of reconciliation, total agreement, conscious union with God. But it’s with the Self that we are: attunement, atonement, awareness of the presence of God in us, as us, existing and living Its life through us; all the more so, as we ourselves are willing and prepared to lay down our sense of life — the personal sense of life.




You are the fullness and the allness of Omnipresent Being. Don’t let the ‘person’ in you say, “That’s funny, that doesn't seem to be me.” It isn’t you. It is I. It is the I that you are, saying, “I am come that you have life more abundant.”






Preparation for the Day
Awakening to the True Nature
of Individual Being
Preparation for the Day booklet


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Preparation for the Day

The class recording the booklet is taken from:
1998 Second Minneapolis Class, Tape 2, Side 1
Length: 50 minutes


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