“Out of the desert shall blossom the rose.”

It is often the case that, without the desert experience, or the loss of peace, we do not fully appreciate the simple freedom and the perfect peace of pure being. Yet harsh and hard as some times are, there can be a positive outcome to extremity, for out of that desert “shall blossom the rose.” Regardless of the difficulty with which we find ourselves presented, as we “hold fast to the faith,” out of the IS-ness of Being then rises the Flower of Light, the dawning of a New Day, a New Way, a New Beginning, a New Life.

When we have that freedom and peace, we often do not recognize, realize, or appreciate it, and so it is taken for granted, and we become complacent and lose sight of it. We do not realize what we have or who we are. But the moment that peace is lost, and we feel a sense of separation from it, only then do we truly know and appreciate the value of its presence.

Part of that freedom and release, as we emerge out of moments or times of darkness, is the realization and dawning of recognition that all we can ever really experience is the truth, fact, and reality of our own Being, our own Consciousness of the One Presence that is God.

Only then do we realize who I AM, who we are. Only then, do I realize who “You” ARE.

There is no selfhood apart from or other than the One Life. All, in truth, are none other than the fullness of that One pure and perfect Presence, beside which there IS NONE OTHER.

THIS, no matter who, what, where, or when, and regardless of the appearance, is “My Beloved son in whom I am well pleased,” for the “I” that is “YOU” and the father are One.

And “YOU” are that ONE.