Symbolism and Imagery
Design features of the Introductory Sequence




heart-shaped leaf art


The penciled, heart-shaped “leaf” at the center of the graphic is imagery based on the poem “Epitaph


“What becomes of me matters not,
for you see only the fallen leaf,
and not the Living Tree.”


We are witnesses and beholders of IS appearing AS, and as such are forever One with Eternity in the reality of our true Identity, forever One with God.


“Son, thou art ever with Me,
and all that I have is thine.”

With all that went into writing, designing, producing, and self-publishing The Day of Awakening, it came to me at one time, there must come a point when it starts to come back. IMMEDIATELY it came,

NO, it must NOT “come back,”
it must keep FLOWING forth.

We must keep on giving, sharing, and pouring. It is Principle, and Principle is ceaseless in Its emanation.


Nothing is what it seems. We must break the mold of human thinking and reason, lest we continue to suffer the slings and arrows of universal belief and the limitations of a material sense of life, creation, and form, that have assailed mankind throughout all time.


“I know who the world says I am, but…”
“I know what the nations of the world seek, but…”


The reason we used the blue graphics as a background to the imagery in the opening sequence, was because it came so clearly to me many years ago,


“If I stop GIVING, I stop LIVING.”


And so the “arrows” are that ceaseless outpouring from the center and source of being, forever self-replenishing — the way it IS — “the only way it can be.”


“THIS is the way, walk ye in it.”





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