Regarding the change of photo on the “About the Author” website page, when the site was first created in 2010, there were so few photos suitable for use that the only way a photo could be found to illustrate “the author” at that time was to crop my face off the end of a line of people gathered at my son’s wedding in 2008. Not only was it the most recent at the time, it was the only photo available as “photos” is not something I do.
     Continuing that same theme, despite feeling we should use a more recent photo, from that time to this there have been no photos that could be used to update the picture. But last time I was in London visiting my children in 2019, as always wearing my thin-rimmed metal-framed glasses, my son said, “Dad, you have got to get a more modern pair of glasses!” He also said, “And Dad, you CAN’T wear those jeans; they look like something out of the 1970s!” (They were my favorite Dockers!). Oh dear! I realized I needed to spruce myself up a bit, to be more “with it” if I am not to look like an old fogey in this millennial age of Gen Z aka Zoomers – whatever that means!
     And so, next time I got glasses, in addition to replacing my favorite old thin-rimmed ones, I got a heavier-framed pair and was sending him a “selfie” taken in the mirror to show him the “new and improved” look! This was the very latest and in fact only photo I had with which to update the website picture. So there you have it. Perhaps in the year 2033 there will be another.


Tony Titshall


Tony Titshall




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