A Healing Influence



You are the fullness of the One Presence. Beside the One you ARE, the One I AM, there is no other Life, Mind, or Substance. But what do you know as to that which is the truth of your Self? What do you accept? What do you believe? You must know the truth of your own omnipresent, omnipotent Self; then you will not be fooled into accepting and believing there IS any “other,” when does it not say, “Beside Me” — the I that you are, the I that I AM, constituting the fullness and allness of your being — “there IS NONE OTHER.”

Are you able to maintain your own freedom and integrity in the world through the assertion of the dominion of knowing, knowing in the face of all error, “Thou could’st have no power over me unless it were given thee of God,” for this is a spiritual universe. Do you understand the nature of appearances? Do you know the eternal reality and changeless Truth of Being? If so, “unto thine own Self be thou true, then can’st thou unto no man be untrue,” for “if I be raised up [into that vision and knowing], I draw all men unto me” and thereby become a healing influence unto all men and all nations, irrespective of person, place, or problem.


Our knowing, our state of consciousness, becomes an influence and law unto our world.  What else could it mean but this, that the Christ in you, in me, “taketh away the sins of the world.” Such freedoms are the fruits of knowing, the High Calling of God, through Christ, unto which we press forward. Let nothing stand in our way. Let nothing thee affright or deny.


And though the voices of the world of sound and sight will call, even shout, to attract or distract our attention physically or mentally, and continue to present convincing images of good and evil, we have to have the strength to withstand and the ability to resist not. Therein alone is the wind taken out of the sails of this world.


And so this world is the out-picturing of the belief in the existence of a selfhood or creation apart from God: man the mortal, as if there ever were God and man, Infinity or Infinite Being and something else; duality as reality; the opposites or extremities brought to our attention every day in our material sense of life; when all the while, God constitutes Individual Being, the reality and truth of the One Presence, the one infinite, indivisible Life, the Infinite Invisible Itself.


Let us not fool ourselves. What we see is not the truth of the spiritual creation, but a mental image, a material concept in ceaseless flux and constant change, the ebb and flow of the tides of duality and the belief in two powers. So,

Save me from myself, You Ocean,
Lift me high on surging tides,
The ebb and flow of all life’s feelings
Swell within, as mind abides.

Can we anchor ourselves in the eternal, the ever-present, the changeless “Rock of Ages,” resting in being? Can we be still and know that “I am God” is the One Universal Self revealing Itself as infinite, indivisible Individual Being, that which is the truth of us all? Or are we forever in the awareness of our separate mortality, physical existence, corporeal form, a material sense of life; living in search and hope of the good, as if it weren’t already and forever so; and fear of the bad, as if ordained of God it ever could be?


God is no respecter of persons. Does God not “make the sun to rise on the evil and the good; His rain to fall on the just and the unjust”? In God there is no division, no separation, no judgment, no duality, no “and.” In God is only omnipresent, undifferentiated, unconditioned Being; all being One, one Life, ever present. But be willing and endeavor to release all forms of mortal concept, suggestion, and appearance. Only then will we truly come to know one another as we are, “created in the image and likeness of God.”




from Chapter 8, "The Final Journey," The Day of Awakening                        Return to Top




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