A Place of Transcendence



Every aspect of the spiritual path that we encounter, every discipline, every restraint, every instruction, teaching, or injunction has to be outgrown, transcended, for each discipline is devised and designed simply to lead us beyond itself.


We “pray without ceasing” in order that we might come to a place where we “do not need to pray.”


We practice forgiveness until our freedom reveals in truth there is only God, and there remaineth no condemnation, none condemned, no one to condemn, therefore no need for forgiveness.


We find ourselves beyond ourselves until, “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life,” so that we realize there are none to forgive, only God IS.


To truly forgive, therefore, we must transcend forgiveness.


We are told to “pray for our enemies,” yet our spiritual practice must bring us to that place where we have no enemies, because regardless of suggestion and appearance, again, we know the truth of Individual Being, God as the only presence, life, and identity.


And so, any desire or wish to heal, raise up, redeem, reform or protect has to be nothing but malpractice, even though these are all noble and well-meaning states and stages through which we pass.


Those who still have a teaching or form to protect, through their misconception, contribute only towards its ultimate demise and decline.

Yet true teaching, which is revelation, and true form, which is Spirit, can have no demise, only the demise of those false concepts entertained about them. We just cannot be rigid and hold to the old, “ye have heard it said of old,” but cleave to the new, “but I say unto you.” We cannot live by the old Law, but that Grace and Truth revealed through the Christ of our own being when we are still and released of judgment.


This is not to say we do not forgive, any more than we have said not to pray, not to heal, not to teach. We undoubtedly do all these things, the constant practice and application of which ultimately bring us to a place of transcendence, whereby we see and know only the presence of God and thereby outgrow the level of awareness on which anything but God exists or functions.



from Chapter 23, "Understanding Forgiveness," The Day of Awakening  Return to Top



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