One Power, One Presence, One Activity



I was once traveling on the London Underground in the late 1970s when I encountered a situation in which the instantaneous application of principle was invited and required demonstration. I had attended an Infinite Way Tape Meeting in which I had heard Joel Goldsmith iterate and reiterate the principles of One Power, One Presence, and One Activity. To hear absolute messages of truth from a standpoint of silent meditation is to leave one in no doubt as to their validity. There is something in us that knows; something that recognizes. Once given, once heard, it is then up to us to practice and apply.

I was on my way home after the meeting, standing on the platform of the station, waiting for the train to come in, still immersed and resting in the deep consciousness of peace that authority conveys. For some reason, at that stage of my life, I was uncomfortable in confined spaces and in underground trains. Frequently London Underground trains pass each other at junctions or adjust to the running times of other trains and therefore have to stop in the middle of the tunnel, sometimes even with the lights going out.


And so, despite the peace of the consciousness in which I found myself, half expecting to have to “work” within myself during the journey in order to be able to remain undisturbed in that confined space beneath the ground, and not let mental suggestion get the better of me, I was reminding myself of the truth of omnipresence as the train drew in to the platform. Not unusually, it was clearly packed, with a mass of faces pressed up against the doors. As the passenger car that was about to stop in front of me slowed down, I caught sight of an area right in the middle where it appeared no one was sitting and so as the doors opened, I squeezed myself through the throng and made my way to the center of the compartment where I had seen there were four seats, two and two opposite each other. It was not until I got there that I realized why it was “empty.”

Slouching spread-eagled across all four seats, his feet firmly planted on the seats opposite him, was a huge man in a trench coat, swigging beer from a dark brown quart bottle. Asking politely if I could sit down, and gently lifting one of his feet to one side, as I sat down, quietly opposite him, he stood up, towering over me. He opened the inner lining of his coat to reveal three more beer bottles, and taking one out in his other hand and raising it high above my head, drunk and cursing he shouted, “You . . . English, you think you rule the world. I am going to smash your head!”

Well, either there IS only One Power, One Presence, and One Activity, or there isn’t, I thought to myself, and it looks as if I am just about to find out, at which point I just closed my eyes. All I could see, all I knew, was the omnipresence of the I AM that I AM. There were no people, no me, no him, no threats, no imminent outcome; there was no train, no passenger car, no seats; there was no sound, no smell, no crush; there was only the freedom of Being being. There was only the One Self, the One Life, the One Presence. In that moment, only I AM was — timeless, incorporeal, omnipresent. His bluff was called, his humanhood unmasked, and his Christhood revealed and unveiled. In that moment, He was known.

I had no other awareness during this entire time, however long it was, but when I finally opened my eyes in freedom and release on the breath of the assurance of my oneness with God, there was no one there. “He” had gone. By this, I do not mean any mystical disappearing act had taken place; he had not disappeared in a puff of smoke, but as I looked out of the window, I saw him being forcibly frog-marched backwards along the platform by two police officers.

I had NO awareness whatsoever of any scuffle. I heard nothing. I felt nothing. There was no this world. I did not know that police officers had boarded the train and arrested him, at which point I am in no doubt there must have been a struggle, but I knew nothing. All I knew was the presence of God and Its Omnipresence, I, filling all space, beside which there was none other throughout entirety.

I can’t imagine what the police officers must have thought as they saw this small person sitting motionless, eyes closed, beneath the rage of this mighty Goliath, without even having taken up a pebble in self-defense. How futile it would have been for me to have resisted or attempted to defend myself. What could the other passengers have thought, seeing all this play out, leaving the entire compartment in a stunned silence. It was a profound moment for all.

All I know is that I KNEW Him as He was; I KNEW Him, as He IS, even now, as I AM. I KNEW the timeless and eternal Christhood of Him, the truth of the One Self, indivisible, incorporeal, omnipresent. In that moment, just like the “thief on the cross,” he found himself beside the Christ of his own Being, recognized as the Christ, perhaps for the first time in his life. I have no idea what became of this person. All I know is, in that moment of non-judgment, a seed of his own awakening was sown in him; a moment of recognition took place; God was on earth, revealing once again, despite appearances, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” And His Son blessed man through man. So be certain to “judge them not by how you see, for Love is they as LOVE IS THEE.”


There is no doubt we all have challenges to face, and “though fearsome they may seem to be, they mean no harm, as you will see,” for they can be our greatest opportunities, so “LOVE, don’t fear them, neither doubt, that their way IN is your way OUT.”

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