Raising Our Vision


We cannot give God the crumbs off our table; we have to give the first fruits, for if we ourselves are to be in perfect peace, “keeping our mind stayed on God” requires our undivided attention. No less are the demands placed on us when it comes to knowing the truth. We have to raise our vision above, disengaging ourselves from the world of material sense, willing to cease from man. We have to see through the hypnotism of this world, imposing on us all a personal sense of identity. We have to “bring ourselves out from among them and be separate.”


We have to be willing to extricate ourselves from the mortal, material dream and establish ourselves immovably in the realization and conviction of the One Life. Only then are we demonstrating the principle of Man’s true identity and his freedom from bondage to material belief and the hypnotism of sense. Only then are we laying the axe at the root of those claims and associations that can find us, the universal belief in two powers, and the one who can be found by them.


It is a putting off of the mortal, a dying daily. It is a constant work of staying awake and being aware, “ever about the Father’s business”; an eternal vigilance, a tireless need; “an overturning, and an overturning, until He is come whose right it is,” and we of ourselves no longer are, for when we no longer are, nothing can find us. It is both a losing and a finding of ourselves, putting off the mortal and putting on the Immortal. It is a letting go and a letting be, the fulfillment of life’s purpose in being. It is a being found, a coming home, a freedom in being, a need to be whole and complete — the wholeness and completeness we truly are.

Do we understand what we are asking for when we request spiritual help? Did the wax bird on setting out on its journey to the sun understand the choiceless prerequisite of its dissolution? What if it were to resist the process, how much progress would it make? Do we understand that in asking to be known for who we are, we have to become the truth of ourselves, whose omnipresent freedom invites us to leave our nets, to “leave all for My sake”?


Are we prepared, willing to do this? Do we trust totally? Or do we doubt, deny, and betray ourselves by falling short of the mark, unwilling or unable to let go in sufficient faith as divine adjustment requires? Can we maintain ourselves, fearless and selfless, on those higher echelons of life, awake to and aware of only Spiritual Consciousness as the truth of our being? Have we yet become what we are, lest we continue to suffer from what we never were? Can we cease from man the mortal, willing to die daily and be reborn of the Spirit?




from Chapter 12, "Nothing is Real," The Day of Awakening                 Return to Top




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