The Peacemaker



Through abiding in being, resting in the Word, we can be our freedom in the midst of the Lion’s Den of material sense, untouched by the waves of universal mesmeric influence, the hypnotism and mental suggestion of this world. We can be timeless in time; selfless where personality used to be; complete where claims of limitation persist; perfect, “even as thy heavenly Father is perfect,” whole and complete when inharmony claims entry. In other words, we must learn to be in the world as who we are, but not of it as who we seem to be.

The divisive nature of politics and religion must give way to the “Healer of the Breach,” the “Prince of Peace,” the ultimate Peacemaker, Awakening, by allowing God to function through man on earth as it is in heaven. And the non-partisan role of the mystic is not to take sides between men and nations, but to release the belief of separation and division, the apparent duality or even reality of this world, and uphold mankind universally and unconditionally in the vision and awareness of Love’s omnipresence.

In Oneness there is no division, no separation, no bridges to build, no relations to repair. As we approach every relationship in life from this standpoint — personal, national, international — we herald the kingdom of God on earth, a return to the Father’s house, in which Harmony reigns, Love exists, Truth determines, and Law prevails. This is the vision the world needs, the vision it awaits. This is the vision for which it “groaneth and travaileth,” the vision of the Children of God. This is the vision for which we are being prepared.

“Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom” is a prerequisite for attainment. And so it is with the innocence and vision of that 12-year-old Child of God, the perfect Peacemaker, “wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove,” that we have to learn to live our lives in the world, at one with Love, teaching and living Principle and Truth in the Temple of Life.



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