True to Ourselves



“Unto thine own Self be thou true, then can’st thou unto no man be untrue.” We simply have to be ourselves to the best of our ability. We do not have to sing someone else’s song. We each have our own infinitely individual, unique life to live and our own song to sing.


No matter how we now find ourselves, completeness awaits us as we open ourselves to Spirit, willing to cease from man. Not all make a great success of their lives, but that is not what matters. How true to themselves they have been, that is what matters, for closer by far are they to ultimately finding themselves, the One unique, ubiquitous Self, than those who compromise themselves, never truly trusting the Self that they are and their infinite individuality.


When I was first called and invited to teach, the only “advice” my own

teacher gave me was to “sing your song”; to be true to myself, knowing there IS only One. None other, throughout the entirety of creation, is exactly like you. You are an infinitely individual aspect of all that God is. Don’t look to, try to be like, or compare yourself with any other; look to and be yourself, knowing your Self to be the fullness of God, on earth as it is in heaven.


Attaining to this awareness is the purpose of the spiritual path, a path that is not about religion, but is simply about being at one and naturally comfortable with your Self, God. When Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me,” did he want to preach to them or teach them about a religious way of life, or was he not just sharing in their delight and joy of life itself, showing those who gathered there the need for such simplicity and innocence, even seeming vulnerability, saying, “Except you become as little children, you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom.” We just have to be true to ourselves.


The flow of Freedom in individual life’s expression can be as simple as an artist painting, a singer singing, a runner running, and so on, each one being true to his infinite individuality. For this reason, there can be no judgment, for all have the right to be here and play their part in the intricacy of life’s tapestry and flow, each one fulfilling a purpose and making a contribution as part of the whole. The two millimeter gap between the spark plug terminals is equally as important to the car as the 14 feet of shiny steel that comprises its entire body, if it is to fulfill its purpose.


And so we only need be true to ourselves, to fulfill that which is given us to do, not because we are doing it, but because we are being it. It is what we are, God appearing as, and we have no choice but to be it. That is why it is so important to find ourselves; otherwise, we will forever be partially fulfilled at best and never wholly complete, no matter what capacity we find to individually manifest and express, for when we are true to ourselves, everything we do is part of life’s blessing to us all.


from Ch 1, "A Process of Introspection," The Day of Awakening         Return to Top


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