Mellowed by Love



Being not-being is a process of letting go and letting be, a willingness to cease from being, and at the same time a coming into being, a dissolution and a revelation. It is like the fearless willingness to walk the high wire between two worlds, willing, once having taken the first step and there being no going back, to press forward, centered totally in and as the fullness of the Now moment, all outer awareness released, all inner consciousness and attention focused.

Occasionally there are steps that take themselves, leaving us washed out (or is it washed clean) in their wake, but to which one has no choice but to respond. To the human sense of self that remains until released, it is a humbling experience, as it should be, a putting down and a raising up, a putting off and a putting on, a self-effacing moment of opportunity to let go and let be, allowing Divinity to become our Reality, a transformation from sense to Soul in the twinkling of an eye, albeit a long and sometimes agonizingly slow and painful twinkle. It is a time when more of the onion skins of universal belief in the existence of any identity outside or other than the fullness of the One Presence that is God — the true “I” in and of us all, the Totality that is the truth of Infinite Individual Being — are put off. It is the process of dissolution and revelation in action.

It is a willingness to dissolve and simultaneously become, a putting off of the mortal and a putting on the Immortal, the dissolution of all material sense and the revelation of the changeless ever presence of pure Spiritual Being, Consciousness. There are times, moments of adjustment when one seems to find oneself between two worlds, but one knows one has no choice but to press forward and so there has to be a willingness to let go of the state one has left behind and a willingness to let be that which is coming into being.

It is a reconciling and accepting there is no way back to or for the human, an acceptance that the journey has irresistibly begun and we have no choice but to embark upon it, to be willing to allow it to have its way in, with, and through us. It is the Call of the Light unto the darkness that knows it has no choice but the inevitable dissolution of its own sense of identity as it becomes, or as the Light becomes it. It is the fearless willingness to not be, that He whose right it is might be come in us. It is a giving up of the ghost, a putting off of the mortal. It is the Call of the Eternal, to accept the invitation of dissolution; it is the ultimate act of faith, trust, and hope.

And to what remains of the mortal we are so willing to release, there is a humbling, subdued feeling. In fact, after every experience of ourselves in that divine dimension of nothing but Consciousness being, as we inevitably come back to our current state of material identification, even though it has perhaps evolved in those moments to some degree through the required dissolution, there is the feeling of need for what might even be called recuperation, the need to assimilate, accept, and digest the change or adjustment in consciousness that has taken place. It takes a while to accommodate, to gather and absorb the newfound information as to that which is found and known to be the truth of our Being, and how self-less in reality we truly are and ultimately must be.

And so, the challenge is in fearlessly being willing to be selfless, guileless, when the world of material sense would have us all believe we have to be strong in the mortal, personal sense of self with which we have all become identified, the human that seems to be.

At least in the world today we have the privilege, the freedom, and the opportunity to pursue the inner call of awakening, the truly religious life, the freedom to accept and allow the mystical process of dissolution and revelation without being charged a heretic and being forced to endure a modern-day inquisition. In fact the opposite, for mysticism brings light into the churches and unto those people of natural reverence, whose religious well-meaning and sincerity is enhanced as they reach out to the Light.

And so, the world has evolved, albeit minimally, on the path of awakening, in the dimension, direction, and awareness of its own spiritual reality, at least far enough for those who are inwardly called, irresistibly drawn, and outwardly removed from the world, even while yet still in it, to be allowed the opportunity to pursue the Call, the freedom to let there be Light, and the privilege once again of allowing God into the world of man’s awareness. This is the privilege of religious freedom bestowed on and attained by man in this new age of enlightenment, called the twenty first century. And to think, it has only just begun.

The eternal Christ remains the Reality, ever present, forever the same, the Son of God in man. The visual Christ as seen by men is forever conceptual. Reality, life, as we see it, is conceptual. Each is the concept we entertain about it, until the process of dissolution begins to erode the material concepts we entertain about the true Spiritual Universe, and the reality that has forever been the truth of Man is allowed to come into being in individual consciousness.


Even any unconscious humanhood will be rooted out, “for every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.” That is how the process of initiation into the halls of mystical consciousness feels, as we are transformed into that whole new creature in Christ, suffering a sense of refinement, the process of  becoming. It is not a comfortable feeling for the mortal in us as transformation happens, but the effect of this challenging evolutionary process of dissolution and revelation experienced in and as the unfoldment of individual consciousness is that we ultimately become mellowed by and into the fullness of God’s Love.

from Chapter 17, "The Path of Surrender," The Day of Awakening                     Return to Top


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